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Vishv Exim Pvt. Ltd.


Vishv Exim was created in 1998 by experienced traders dealing in various industrial raw material and machinery required by the growing Indian economy.

Every manuacturing company requires the cheapest yet best quality raw material and Vishv Exim strives to provide just that.

We have an immense pool of trusted and reliable principal companies in China and Europe through whom we strive to fulfill all the requirements of manufacturing industry worldwide

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We Source Anything For Anyone

We just about deal in all the raw materials that you can think of be it for steel manufacturers or cement , be it cycle or car manufacturers , we provide any kind of raw material , as our company name symbolizes we actually mean a world of products and a world of contacts.

We have supplied raw material to all major steel plants in India and continue to do so.
Our list of customers and range of raw materials is enviable even for very established companies in this business for many years.

Global Backing

We Have Venture Capital Companies in the U.K.backing us.We intend to open our own branches in China and Europe by end of this year.
Our plans include supplying best raw materials for any market whether European, Middle East , India co-ordinating from the head office in New Delhi.

We take care of Logistics,Documentation and Communications

The methodology is simple. We take your requirements and source material for you.We use our global contacts for sourcing and find the best of the world at competitive prices , finalise payment terms between buyer and seller and then provide complete logistic support.

We ensure timely shipments and proper documentation.All this is controlled by our traders designated for various commodities.

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